Vendor contributions

Commercial vendors

To keep the pool sustainable, we'll need some contributions from commercial vendors. The contributions are voluntary, but strongly suggested in the interest of keeping the service available to commercial vendors.

The suggested yearly contribution is $12 per 1000 clients (0.012 dollars per client). For example: If your company has 50,000 active devices, please consider contributing $600 a year. If the expected life of each device is 4 years, that's about 4 cents per device. (Compare with configuring and maintaining a redundant in-house ntp system).

As a minimum it'd be appreciated if your company would contribute $200-$300 per year to the pool (or add a few servers!).

If you have hundreds of thousands of clients this might get prohibitive (maybe not in terms of cost per client, but in getting corporate approval and all that). If so, get in touch and we'll figure out a way you can help keep the service viable.

The easiest way to contribute is via PayPal. If that doesn't work for you, please get in touch.

All received funds (or hardware) will be used to run the pool service.

The above is a guideline, if your devices query the ntp servers infrequently (for example every 12 hours instead of every 3 hours) the numbers should be adjusted.

More information or questions? Contact ask@develooper.com.

Open Source vendors

If you distribute a ntp implementation using the pool, you must place a reference to the pool in the documentation and configuration files or screen. If your ntp implementation is able to serve clients, please add a note about joining the pool.

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